Awaken & Remember Who You Are

A Sacred Space to Find Answers for Body, Mind, & Spirit Alignment.  


Wedding Ceremonies

Serving the LGTBQ Communities and beyond. Bringing a sacred, loving, free and inclusive tone to your special day. 

Clarity Sessions

Guiding you to clarity and answers  to questions, and physical, mental, spiritual alignment.

Group Ceremony

Bringing Ceremony to your gathering. Including Moon, Peruvian, Native American, House Warming/Clearing ceremonies. 

Body, mind, and spirit alignment on an energetic and physical level for optimal health and wellbeing.  

Services include Body Talk, Quantum Touch, Reflexology, Crystal Healing, Aroma Therapy, Massage, Sound and Intuitive Healing.

Gain clarity and answers to questions through intuitive card readings.

Home and Energy Clearings. Clear your energy after a break-up or hard time. Your home is an extension of you, a sanctuary, clearing this space upon move in or after an event is imperative.  

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You are Worth it! 

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Alignment Energy Modalities

Certified Body Talk Practitioner