Receive Guidance​ 

From Within

Awaken and remember who you are


Your Wholeness Is An Alignment Away

Your body, mind, and spirit knows how to be healthy and whole. Together we bring it back into alignment which brings balance clarity and healing which allows you to learn and know how to "Be". Once in alignment you will gain insight and guidance - connecting you to your higher purpose and full potential. 

Crystal Healing

Crystals are used to balance and heal the body. For thousands of years ancient civilizations have used the different energies found in crystals in their healing practices.

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Card Readings

When answers to questions are desired,  they can be solved with the assistance of the clients guides through oracle card readings.

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Peruvian Ceremony & Medicine

Using ancient Peruvian ceremony, energy clearing and plant medicine.  House clearings to enhance positive light energy.

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Body Talk

This is a system that was developed by Dr. John Veltheim, an Australian Chiropractor. It is a unique healthcare modality that links different aspects of the body on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level to balance and enhance healing.

Quantum Touch

This modality was created by Richard Gordon. The art of hands on healing where postural corrections spontaneously occur, pain and inflammations are rapidly reduced and healing is profoundly accelerated through love energy and intention. 


Reflexology is a system of massage to relieve tension and treat illness concentrating on the reflex points on the feet, hands and head linked to every part of the body.

Peruvian & Native American Ceremony

Come back to the ancient art of ceremony, drawing on powerful ritual to reconnect to the elements and earth and tap into your own divinity, wisdom, and inner power. 

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What Clients Say...

Ingrid is my go-to Wise Woman when I come up against a life question or need some direction in my life. Her deep wisdom and insight feel like home and a safe place to land. 

Salenta Fox - Love Consultant and Coach

More Client Love...

   Ingrid has been a very important part of my life for the past 10 years.  She walks by my side and assists me to make decisions, not only in my business but also in my private life.  I value her not only as a consultant but as a close friend.

Ashley Jackson

Another Satisfied Client....​

Ingrid is so knowledgeable and talented! I took my 9 year old daughter who has been suffering with anxiety and IBS to her for help. Not only has she helped her with her anxiety and IBS using Body Talk, she sent her home with a calming essential oil blend specifically formulated for her, using muscle testing. Ingrid's medical and holistic knowledge was invaluable to me as a parent. I highly recommend her! 

Blanch Cox

“The wind of joy and pleasure blows at the very beginning of this road. It gives strength and sustenance to the travelers.”